Voices of The PRESS BOX

  • Ward Whites



  • Stephanies’s Sports Talk (12:40PM)




Stephanie started her career in broadcast media 33 years ago.  Working for radio stations around the country, from Rock to County to Sports Radio.  Stephanie has worked for major radio groups like AM/FM Radio, Citadel Communications, Clear Channel, ESPN West Coast and now ESPN Central Texas/M&M Broadcasters.  Growing up in Dallas,

her favorite thing was watching the Dallas Cowboys play on Sunday afternoons with her dad.  This is where her love for sports began. Stephanie is also a part of the M&M Broadcasters Sales Team and has 30+ years’

experience in broadcasts sales.  As her father would say, “Stephanie can sell ice to an Eskimo!”


  • Aaron Sexton 

Aaron was born and raised in Waco, Aaron has spent over 3 decades working in radio in Central Texas. Aaron is the Producer for all 4 local talk shows on ESPN Central Texas- The Press Box with Ward White and Stephanie’s Sports Talk, The John Morris Show, The Matt Mosley, and Your Afternoon Stretch with “Stretch” Glenn Smith. In addition to his producing duties, Aaron is the lead recruiting & fantasy analyst for ESPN Central Texas and co-hosts the High School Football Scoreboard Show Fridays from 10:30pm -Midnight during football season.